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Edge Pest Control cares about you and your property. We offer professional pest control services in multiple areas, including Denver, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Portland, & Austin. If you have problems with rats, fleas, ants, or any other types of pests, just call us and we’ll attend to your needs as quickly as possible.

The Best Services

Our clients deserve only the best pest control services. We strive to provide effective solutions to our customers’ pest problems using quality products and proven methodologies. With a careful assessment, we can find the best way to control or eliminate unwanted pests in your residential or commercial property.

When you work with Edge Pest Control, you’re sure that your home or business is in good hands. We treat all areas of your property to make sure there will be no sign of pests after the service. We implement comprehensive plans to keep your home protected.

The Best Results

Dealing with pests can be stressful for property owners. Edge Pest Control takes the stress away by locating and exterminating unwanted pests. We take care of everything, from inspection to treatment and control. Our goal is to provide you with the best results and make your property a cleaner and safer place.

Our result driven services aim to protect your home, your family, and your belongings against all types of pests. We’ll keep you informed throughout the process so you can have peace of mind. We know that tangible results matter to you – and that's what we provide.

The Best People

Edge Pest Control has a team of qualified, friendly professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in handling pest control projects. We follow strict recruitment guidelines to make sure our clients will receive the highest quality of service.

We care about you, your family, and your property. We perform all our work in a friendly, professional, and timely manner. We strive to earn our clients’ trust every time we visit their property. Entrust all your pest control needs to us; we have the best people to help you.

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What Our
Customers Say

  • “Very happy with the service. We just started service with Edge and our pests are no longer out of control. I would gladly recommend this company to others. The price is reasonable and the service is exceptional. Thank you Edge!”

    -Barb, Denver CO
  • “We have been using Edge Pest Control for almost a year now. The service has been really great and the pests are no longer an issue. Great office staff and our technician does a really thorough job! Very pleased with the company!”

    -Stephanie, Austin TX
  • “I was with a different company and decided to switch because I was still seeing spiders. Edge Pest Control came and did about ten times as much for about the same price. Extremely satisfied! Haven’t seen a spider since!”

    -Bob, Olathe KS
  • “These guys came to my door and saved me a lot of money compared to my previous service. They came out the same day and got rid of my mice problem.”

    -Bryan, Parker CO
  • “Excellent company. I have had over 10 different pest companies throughout my years as a home owner and I have never had a service more reliable, accountable and punctual as Edge Pest Control. I would recommend them to anyone I know especially those that have been let down by other services in the past.”

    -Chad, Kansas City KS